Sunday, May 6, 2012

"In my heart" [ghazal]

by Bhau Kalchuri

O Meher    since you gained sway in my heart
there's naught save    
pain & dismay in my heart

your wine turned    
into a blade in my heart
heartbroken! groovy!    
I say in my heart

I'm facing    
mountains of trouble & woe
where is your jai in my heart?

I wot not    
whither my wander might wend
I merely    
follow whim's way in my heart

with naught save    
shipwreck & tumult O Bhau
you're ruined yet    
somehow okay in your heart


[re-rendered into English verse by David Raphael Israel]

Bhau's own literal English translation of his Hindi ghazal appears in the volume Meher Sarod.

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