Sunday, January 2, 2011

one one one-one

Whereas one has run & won
& arrived at one / one / one-one

or around the ambit spun
having dived in one / one / one-one

or has trod & lost in fun
& survived till one / one / one-one

their travail yet far from done
who're alive in one / one / one-one

what with puzzling conun
-dra that thrive in one / one / one-one

(tacitly unsolved & un
-advertzed in one / one / one-one)

spread as thick as jam on bun
by the knives of one / one / one-one

deep discursive inklings com
-ing alive with one / one / one-one

the effect could not but stun
near the hive of one / one / one-one

(myriad bees of being's sun
all derive from one / one / one-one)

would you wait to weigh the ton?
or archive the one / one / one-one?

Raphael behold the hon
-ey├Ęd jive of one / one / one-one

1 comment:

David Raphael Israel said...

Actually posted on January 1st (not 2nd, as the blog heading claims). Why the error? A longish explanation:

This blog is tied into the India time zone (from which country I was blogging when establishing bhairo in the morning). Now having returned west & settled in Los Angeles, so far I've not discovered where one may reset the established timezone setting. So (in short) the blog is many hours in advance of the blogger.