Tuesday, January 25, 2011

HWY 5 revisited

Fixing to hit the road back south anon
efforts to land a job here've not yet gelled
who knows in what far realm life's lines are drawn?
he who the deck of cards has always held

wandering's been my mode by time's decree
where I might land remains unknown to me
stone after stone besteps one seasoned pawn
fixing to hit the road back south anon

January 15, 2011 [early morning, at Meherabode, Los Angeles]

notes (for what worth):
1) Presumably the verb bestep might be a neologism.
2) Generally the rhyme-scheme I've used for a boomerang poem has been either ABAB BABA or else ABAB CACA. But in this instance, I've opted for ABAB CCAA.

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