Friday, February 27, 2009

ghazal (lullaby): "green or blue?"

Who are you   O Meher Baba?
green or blue   O Meher Baba?

false or true   O Meher Baba?
old or new   O Meher Baba?

life is passing   day after day
morning dew   O Meher Baba

what I seek   within this great weave
how construe   O Meher Baba?

oftentimes   I'm losing the thread
passing through   O Meher Baba

tracks of birds   no eye can detect
where they flew   O Meher Baba

evening settles   upon the land
night's review   O Meher Baba

midnight   steeped in ink like a tea
poets brew   O Meher Baba

are my efforts   truly sincere?
what's your view   O Meher Baba?

Raphael   is singing your name
loving you   O Meher Baba

(February 25, 2009)


Max said...

nice, David.
Thanks for sharing.
Max R., WC

David Raphael Israel said...

Thanks for reading, Max -- too long no see.