Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Words Overheard in the Parking Garage
from a Passerby's Blaring Walkman

". . . a spiritual guide to mastering
the challenges of women.  We'll start
with a quote.  Isaiah says . . .

Okay but what did Isaiah say?   & what
(one wonders) might be    "the challenges
of women"?   challenges to men? (this must
be the implication    of the opaque phrase)

so would Isaiah    blithely fall in love
with a sweetheart    so young in years?
Biblical heavyweights    of the old race
of my forefathers   may've adjudicated

every point    of the arcane maze of loving
& yet the lost quote    (one must assume
whatever in the world   it happened to be)
was likely geared toward   a different crux

of ancient challenges    on the battlefield
of the love-fraught human    male heart