Saturday, October 26, 2013

A Ghazal for Bhauji

Having lived very long    yet finally    you flew away!
having given your song divinely    you flew away!

the servant you are   of the Lord of all existence!
at a moment ordained & timely   you flew away

you declared yourself a potato   why potato?
now may naught but my mind remind me   you flew away

having broadcast the bloody joy   of constant bhakti
how you curtained the pain till blimey!   you flew away

I essayed the shape of bhairavi    at Meh'rana
but before I could play sublimely    you flew away

you retracted your yad rakh yarn!   what a conundrum!
yet before that Word could unwind me   you flew away

Raphael hasn't puzzled out how    to bend love's bow
with love's target bullseyed    benignly you flew away

[revised & finalized December 10, 2013]

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