Monday, December 3, 2012

For the Papal Twitterati

This just in
the Pope intends to tweet
it's no sin
to papally compete

if Jesus had to tweet
his Sermon on the Mount
would he admit defeat?
not in Matthew's account

Evangelists as bloggers
can keep the tweets in order
Lake Galilee's stray joggers
turn on the vid recorder!

As reported on today:
quote: Is it possible to keep biblical teachings and papal encyclicals to 140 characters?
Pope Benedict XVI hopes so. The holy one will begin tweeting Dec. 12 in six different languages from his @pontifax account in a Q&A format.
The pope will tweet "as often as he wants," according to a Vatican official, and "pontifax" was chosen as his handle because it means "pope" and also "bridge-builder" in Latin. The Vatican hopes its elevated social-media push will help spread the Catholic faith, especially among young people.
Alas, those curious about papal breakfast habits and sport-team preferences will be disappointed: The account will focus exclusively on spiritual matters. unquote

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