Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Cheesecake Factory Evening

Pomegranate mojito evening
(someone like Sade's background croon)
neither elated nor quite grieving
(hidden from view the rotund moon)

avacado eggrolls for belly -- but brain?
philosophic drumrolls may fail to sustain

Some blame my beverage for florid expressions
I spy the blooming of torrid impressions
haply my verses lead readers astray?
such are the hazards of having one's say

Quiet in the carport with fon & cigar
idly we broadcast stray doodles afar
quoth Blake 'Tis published as soon as it's penned!
mirroring angels I thumb the word Send

Poems' allusions mere gossamer lace
limned on the parchment of infinite space
data with voice like words scrawled on the shore
brief in the pause before waves may erase

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