Wednesday, February 29, 2012

"A Sanctuary" [ghazal]

When news arrives   green light to build a sanctuary
enthusiasts delight   God willed a sanctuary

might Kali's yugic pen withdraw   without first limning
her line of would-be fright?   they killed a sanctuary

the sanctity of birds occasions   wild digressions
sweet clamor rose   when flight befilled a sanctuary

sheltered by branches   domes might draw prayers' leafy arbor
when ardor's flame grows bright   they build a sanctuary

prospects wax green where kelly sward meets pool adorning
(after ink far-from-slight's been spilled) a sanctuary

the soul's return needs holy company   said Nanak
go where confusion's blight is nilled   a sanctuary

while Raphael's afar   his heart drew near & whispered
a phrase long quilled by light's hushed guild   a sanctuary


Sufi[sm] Reoriented worship center project approved
(Contra Costa Times)
"said Nanak" -- more like a general paraphrase (via poetic license)

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