Monday, July 11, 2011

On Silence Day [ditty + rubai]

Had SMS existed   back in Meher Baba's day
    would he have textèd messages en masse?
Life Circulars & Family Letters slowly made their way
    on Silence Day   who sees time's river pass?

We were nurtured on shi in bygone births   today
we continue to search for poetry this way
on the radio Bach describes the realm we've sought
where does poetry hide?   alas no tongue can say!

A girl with red hair hurries by in a parking lot
another leaves in a red car   while you idly jot
black words on a red mobile phone   in your pocket rests
a pen of red hue   a blue bus passes lost in thought

They're showing a film but instead   you go to the dome
to sit for a spell with your lord   the notion of home
is human   the notion of love is human the same
the ocean is hidden! where hides   the ocean of om?

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