Friday, November 5, 2010

Rubai (this & that)

You can own a dog but can only feed a cat
you can buy a house but can merely wade a sea
you might pocket this and yet barely dream of that
when you question seem do you rarely answer be?


David Raphael Israel said...

foolishly I called this a rubai, but in fact it's not in that form; it's simply a small verse . . .

Times Three said...

I had to think about that last line for a while!

David Raphael Israel said...

Excellent :-)
"Seeming" and "Being" would seem to be two basic categories of existence . . .

Admin said...

Being is the referential whole which creates the subject. Seeming belongs to the subject and remains subject to the referential wholes or background intelligence or language.
Categories are the way the subject organizes his experience, which itself depends on what is awake and facilitating experience.

Seeming and seeing is related to being in the the same way MacdDonald is related to Samosas.

How are you
Good to see some poetry after a long time.