Sunday, July 11, 2010

"On silence day" (ghazal)

If it's not my fate to accomplish my aim   at least I've tried
so the dice were loaded at start of the game?   at least I've tried

is the cosmos one big fiasco?   this pantomime spells what?
if I can't discern what's behind form & name   at least I've tried

every stone is a token of something   each leaf inkles life
if such vivid efforts prove futile & vain   at least I've tried

on silence day all the monkey business goes on like normal
if from monkey-chatter I'll rarely refrain   at least I've tried

Raphael you're over fifty?   go browse the scrawl on the wall
"if I've failed to kindle an undying flame   at least I've tried"

on silence day (Wikipedia)


Alakaline said...

I think you have also achieved, David.

David Raphael Israel said...

I've achieve the poem that notes I haven't achieved / I've believed the poem that wails I haven't believed / the envelope is empty! where is the toy at the box's bottom? / I've received the poem lamenting I haven't received :-) [but, this a sort of joke-reply]