Thursday, August 13, 2009

new land, new look

. . . the "new land" being California (my place of origin in fact, but I'd been living in Asia [India & China] for the past two and a half years).

Thanks to young Gavin for snapping the photo (not to mention to Gavin's mom, Shireen for wisking me all around Walnut Creek on a whirlwind shopping (hair&beard-cutting / self-presentation-retooling) excursion. Now (in Los Angeles) I commence a job search -- working again in America being a satisfactory Plan B (the India work visa [application long pending] looking now unsure-at-best).

Semi-surprisingly, I'm quite enjoying being back in my old homeland.

At the Davenport residence, I played a few notes on the piano and a few touches of raag Bhairo on my sarangi, before being further wisked away to the airport . . . with my parents awaiting me in LA.


Alakaline said...

quite a makeover!

David Raphael Israel said...

Shukria ji. Indeed, more so than one might suppose from the basic-blog photo -- since that clean-shaven snap (shot when visiting a Tibetan Buddhist stupa in Siliguri, West Bengal [en route to Nepal] abt. 3 months ago) didn't as yet evidence the (somewhat short-lived) beard I was soon to begin sporting (while spending a month in the beach hut at Auroville). Actually the beard has come & gone a few times in the past year or two.

Perhaps I'll leave it in its box of nonexistence a nice while now.