Tuesday, September 9, 2008

ghazal: "toward what I aspired"

Toward what I aspired half-blind   eluded me   yet   something occurred
what thing I desired to find   precluded me   yet   something occurred

the sense of the seeking was what   was finding me   this   and only this?
the form of the meaning   rarely   accrued in me   yet   something occurred

we hadn't come   for a funeral   we expected   lavish parties
the shirt I was wearing   denuded me   yet   something occurred

the contention   proved ubiquitous   romance   is always a gamble
the Capulets grew   Montagued in me   yet   something occurred

Raphael   was the site of a query   or a question mark   at least
the turn of the world   was unscrewed in me   yet   something occurred


Rajendra Pradhan said...

Hi di,

Liked this ghazal. I had given up on creative writing, yet something occurred!

I am back to the land of living. Just posted a poem, my first after a year & half.

Thanks for the wishes.


David Raphael Israel said...

Belated thanks for your note, Rajendra . . . I've been on a long hiatus from blogging myself.

all best,